Friday, April 19, 2013

comfortably warm... (am.19.apr.13)>

The newly risen sun is having to contend with a few bands of high cloudiness early this Friday morning.  Humidity remains very low -- at 33% -- and I've recorded a mild overnight low temp of 60.4F (15.8C), which is one of the warmest of the season so far.

Weak high pressure has been trying to become established across northern India the last couple of days, and has provided us with lots of sunshine, steadily climbing temperatures, and low humidity.  The mountain thunder machine has been a factor, but the very limited action it has produced during the afternoon hours has remained in the higher elevations.

It looks like the pattern in the upper-atmosphere (which drives weather systems) is going to be gradually shifting into a little more active phase over the course of the coming three or four days.  Computer models are showing several weak disturbances drifting east-northeastward into northwestern India between late Saturday and the middle of next week.  At the same time, the moisture content of the air is going to be on the increase across a wide area of south Asia.  All of this spells a better chance of some scattered thundershowers, mainly during the afternoon and evening hours, as we head toward Sunday and Monday.  Our total rainfall for the month of April remains pitifully small (0.31"/8mm), so it would actually be a good thing for us to pick up some more significant rain during these last 10 days of the month.

A seasonably warm air mass is firmly in place, and seems like it might be here to stay.  Expect temperatures to remain in the normal range for the latter half of April -- plenty warm when the sun is shining, but becoming temporarily chilly during a period of showers.

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