Thursday, April 25, 2013

constant changes... (am.25.apr.13)>

*Update @ 4:25pm... Clouds have been steadily building over the mountains this afternoon, but as of now, there's been no thundershower development.  We could still see something pop up before sunset, however.  Currently: 74.5F (23.6C), humidity: 52%.

We have cloudy skies at sunrise on this Thursday morning, and it's breezy, with a few sprinkles and light showers in the area as well.  Humidity is currently 51%, and the current temp of 57.6F (14.2C) is also the overnight/early morning low.

Thunderstorms over Pakistan last night have been falling apart, but what's left of them is what we're dealing with this morning.  The west-southwesterly flow in the upper-atmosphere continues to steer disturbances across northern India, causing the back-and-forth between sun and clouds and thundershowers, which seems to never end.  The disturbance overhead this morning should move out later today, but expect changeable weather conditions, along with the ever-present risk of a thundershower to remain in the forecast -- not only today, but for the coming several days as well.  We'll also have some sunny breaks, but always closely followed by increasing clouds and that chance of showers.

Yesterday's big rebound in temperatures was great -- but again, the inconsistency of this weather pattern puts those warm temperatures in jeopardy if/when we get hit with a significant round of thundershowers.  Right now I'm holding on to generally warm temps over the course of the coming five days, but the forecast scenario feels a bit fragile to me!  Stay tuned.

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