Thursday, April 18, 2013

temps on track... (pm.18.apr.13)>

Thursday's stats:

Early morning low temp: 58.5F (14.7C)
Afternoon high temp: 76.3F (24.6C) -- updated at 7:43pm*
Rainfall: none

Skies are partly cloudy just before sunset this evening, as a few weak mountain thundershowers that developed during the late afternoon continue to dissipate.  There were never any raindrops that I'm aware of in McLeod Ganj, but it was looking dark and ominous up-mountain from us for a couple of hours.  The sun maintained control for the vast majority of the day however, and my high temp in the upper part of town was the warmest of 2013 thus far (updated*).

We've definitely reached the time of year when it doesn't take much to get the clouds and random thundershowers cranking up in the higher mountains during the afternoon hours.  But in spite of the instability, moisture is severely limited, and measurable rainfall is hard to come by.  There are really no major changes in our general weather pattern expected during the next couple of days... but there will be some gradual shifts by the latter half of the weekend that will cause our chance of scattered thundershowers to be on the increase.  It looks like our current very dry air mass is going to be moistening up, as a few weak upper-level disturbances drift through from the southwest during the first part of the new week.  Yes, seasonal changes are ongoing.

Temperatures are close to normal for the middle of April, but we have yet to get a surge of really warm air that gives us a taste of the summer temps to come.  Still, we should be consistently enjoying pleasantly warm conditions most of the time during the coming several days.

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