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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

a bit of variety... (am.02.apr.13)>

We've had increasing high clouds during the hour before sunrise this morning, but it has been a mild and comfortable night.  I recorded an overnight low temp of 56.3F (13.5C) here on Tushita Road below Tushita and the Mountaineering Center.

An upper-level disturbance, the center of which is swirling around over southern Uzbekistan, will be our next weather-maker.  Although this disturbance is never actually going to make it into northern India, it will cause temperatures in the higher levels of the atmosphere to gradually cool down between tonight and Thursday.  This, in combination with a batch of moisture lying just southwest of the western Himalayan ranges is going to bring us an increase in shower and thundershower activity from late today through Wednesday evening and perhaps even into Thursday morning.  Temps should remain on the warmer side today (after yesterday's warmest of 2013), but will drop off significantly by 24-36 hours from now.

After this system scoots on by, drier air will be ushered into most of northern India and temperatures will steadily recover.  The weekend ahead looks very nice, at least for now -- with plenty of sunshine and temps very close to where they should be for early April.  We could even by rising a few degrees above normal by Sunday and Monday.

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