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Sunday, April 7, 2013

breaking through... (am.07.apr.13)>

*Update @ 9:50am... Those early morning high clouds have disappeared for now, leaving us with tons of sunshine.  There could be more cloud development later this afternoon, and I'm still a bit concerned about thunder over the mountains.  Currently: 70.2F (21.2C).

We have some high cloudiness around the area early this morning, otherwise the sun is shining and temperatures are already very mild.  My overnight low of 57.9F (14.4C) is the warmest I've recorded this season.  Humidity remains low -- at 35%.

It seems we've finally broken through the barrier that had kept our temperatures in the same general range since the beginning of March -- we've been late getting some consistent 70F+ temps, but looks like we've now arrived.  A high pressure ridge is still building over much of India, and will continue to do so until Tuesday.  Temps will keep warming up and will easily rise a few degrees above normal for early April, as long as we can keep enough sunshine in the equation.  That is questionable, as some upper-level energy and a bit of moisture are coming across the top of this high pressure ridge, providing us with occasional cloudiness and even the risk of a mountain thundershower, especially today.

The storm system way off to our west that we've been talking about is now located in southern Iran.  It will attempt to break down our strong high pressure ridge as it approaches late Tuesday and Wednesday, but still looks like it will lose the battle and pretty much fall apart before it reaches us.  The chance of some scattered showers and thundershowers will increase during the mid-week period, however.  Stay tuned as we keep an eye on how that unfolds.

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