Sunday, April 14, 2013

lots of variables... (pm.14.apr.13)>

Sunday's stats:

Early morning low temp: 58.6F (14.8C)
Afternoon high temp: 70.9F (21.6C)
Rainfall: trace

It's quite hazy this evening, with other scattered clouds around the area as well.  We had another round of thunder and some sprinkles/very light showers between about 2:45 and 4:15pm, but the rain was not enough to measure once again.  Although we've had some periods of sun today, the clouds hung around enough to hold our temps down a bit... compared to the last few days.

As if it isn't obvious, we're in the midst of a rather changeable and unsettled weather situation, as the upper-air pattern can't seem to decide what it wants to do.  There has been just enough instability to trigger widely scattered thundershowers during the afternoon/evening recently, but not enough moisture in the air to produce significant rainfall.  We could see another round of thunder and perhaps a light shower or two on Monday, but then it still looks like we stand a chance of getting a more substantial round of thunderstorms from late Tuesday into Wednesday.  Computer models have been backing off a bit on the intrusion of colder air aloft arriving from the northwest to create major instability during the coming several days, but the evolving scenario will have to be watched closely.

I've only recorded 0.18" (5mm) of rain for the entire month of April thus far, which leaves us with 1.72" (4.4cm) left to receive by the 30th if we expect to reach the normal amount during this second-driest month of the year.  As far as temperatures are concerned, we continue to run just barely on the cool side of normal for April.

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