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Sunday, July 31, 2016

july's wet end... (pm.31.jul.16)>

Sunday's stats:

Low temp: 64.6F (18.1C)
High temp: 72.3F (22.4C)
Rainfall: 1.46" (3.7cm) -- total thru midnight

It's cloudy this evening, and quite foggy as well, with a bit of drizzle and a few sprinkles of rain in the area during the last hour or so.  Some moderate to heavy rain during the pre-dawn, along with another couple of periods of moderate (but brief) showers this afternoon have supplied us with a respectable rainfall total for the day -- which could increase before midnight rolls around.  There were sudden blasts of sunshine today as well, in the midst of the thick cloudiness and fog, but those bright periods never lasted more than a few minutes.  Humidity has held firm in the 90-95% range for the most part.

A few major doses of rain during these final seven days of July have pushed us very close to the normal amount we expect to receive for the month.  I've recorded 10.09" (25.6cm) since Monday, with about 75% of that amount coming on Wednesday and Saturday.  All we need is 0.78" (2.0cm) of additional rain in the next several hours before the calendar flips to August, and we'll have ended July exactly on par with the norm.  That is not the case for Himachal Pradesh as a whole -- the average for the state is running below normal, though the Kangra District, specifically, is only slightly below the average.

Recently active monsoon conditions are expected to continue for the first couple of days of August, but there are still some subtle signs of a slow-down of sorts between roughly Wednesday and Friday night, before heavy rain potential increases again next weekend.

Check details of our rainfall thus far this monsoon season -- both June and July -- as well as a full recap of Monsoon 2015 (for comparison purposes), on tabs at the top of the page.