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Saturday, July 2, 2016

monsoon gloom... (pm.02.jul.16)>

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 64.9F (18.3C)

High temp: 71.0F (21.7C)
Rainfall: 0.32" (8mm)

Clouds are prevalent across the area this evening, and we have some large clumps of fog drifting around as well.  The sun was totally shut out today, keeping our temps from moving much at all, and delivering what could probably win the 'gloomiest of the season' award.  This morning humidity held in the 95-100% range, but it did dip to around 85% during the mid-afternoon for a couple of hours.  As far as rain is concerned, we again had several periods of mainly light rain showers and drizzle, but the daily total up to this point is not really impressive at all.  That's not the case just barely west and southwest of us, where a few inches of rain fell overnight into the early morning hours.

Well it's plain to see that we're dealing with an air mass that is right at the brink of full saturation, and that's what the monsoon season is all about.  Rain or no rain, very high humidity keeps us flirting with fog most of the time during this season -- and that makes it a real pain to dry laundry, or simply to keep the damp away.  And we've only just begun, of course.

The risk of a period of heavy to very heavy rain remains with us overnight into at least mid-day Sunday, as this deep tropical moisture teams up with some pockets of cooler air drifting by in the upper-levels of the atmosphere.  Our last bout of heavier rain occurred early on Thursday morning, so we are due again.  It looks like we could get a bit of drier air working its way in between Sunday evening and early Tuesday, with deeper moisture flowing in again thereafter.  Even on days featuring a temporarily drier air mass, the risk of measurable rain is much better than 50/50.

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