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Sunday, July 24, 2016

not measuring up... (pm.24.jul.16)>

Sunday's stats:

Low temp: 64.6F (18.1C)

High temp: 71.9F (22.2C)
Rainfall: 0.18" (5mm) 

Fog is the name of the game this evening, as it has been since the late morning.  There's also a bit of drizzle in the air, after some slightly more substantial light shower action off and on this afternoon -- but rainfall here in the immediate McLeod area continues to be very sporadic and light for late July.  Other features of the day include some nice glimpses of sunshine this morning, and humidity ranging between 82% and 96%.

Our daily average humidity (right around 90%) is fairly close to normal for this stage of the monsoon season, but we continue to miss out on the kind of rainfall amounts that should be happening.  The models, which did such a good job the previous week, have been worthless again the last several days -- not at all on top of the development (or lack of development) of significant rains across Himalayan north India.  The expected outbreak of more widespread/heavier rains keeps being pushed further and further into the future, when it was looking a few days ago like we'd be getting slammed with some big totals again by now.

There are still a couple of models that show heavy rain materializing basically at any moment, but other data indicates the best potential of that heavy rain affecting us sometime between late Monday night and Wednesday, and then again over the coming weekend.  If things don't get going soon, we're going to have a heck of a lot of catching up to do to make our July average of 37.8" (96cm).  Just under 11" (28cm) to go...

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