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Monday, July 25, 2016

the last 6 days of july... (pm.25.jul.16)>

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 65.3F (18.5C)
High temp: 73.4F (23.0C)
Rainfall: 0.89" (2.3cm)

Our evening sky is a variable mix of clouds, fog and peeks of sunshine, as humidity hovers just above 90%.  That humidity level has been at or above 90% throughout the day, in spite of the nice sunny breaks we've been able to squeeze out this afternoon.  Rainfall today was more significant than it's been since last Thursday -- coming in the form of a rather short but intense period of moderate to heavy showers between about 9:20 and 10:20am. There've been only a few minor spells of drizzle and sprinkles since then... at least that I've seen.

Well the big drama during the coming six days will be centered on how much rain we can manage to get before midnight on the 31st of July.  We're now in need of about 10 inches (25.5cm) in that amount of time to square up with the normal/average amount for the month.  We got off to a rocking start this month, with an even more impressive period of heavy rain between the 11th and the 17th, but since that time, daily rainfall rates have fallen way below what we would expect this time of year.  If you've been following along day-by-day, you know we've been waiting for heavier rain to materialize since late last week, but really, it has yet to do so.

All of the models are still trying to tell us that much heavier rainfall amounts are inevitable, and are on the way, effective immediately.  If the data is to believed, we still stand a good chance of seeing 8-10" (20-25cm) of rain before Sunday evening arrives.  The rain gauge is thirsty...

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