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Friday, July 15, 2016

monsoon pride... (pm.15.jul.16)>

Friday's stats:

Low temp: 65.8F (18.8C)

High temp: 69.5F (20.8C)
Rainfall: 4.92" (12.5cm) -- total through midnight

Well take a look at that rainfall amount for the day (since midnight) -- it's a very big one -- the largest daily total of this monsoon season, and also of course for 2016.  About 75% of that amount occurred between roughly 5:00am and 10:30am, when we had a very long period of moderate to heavy rainfall that seemed like it was never going to end.  Since then, there've been several periods of showers, but the drizzle has been nearly constant, and continues this evening as I type.  The thermometer barely moved today, as humidity remained in the 95-100% range.

Many times you've heard me berate the computer models, complaining about how inconsistent and out-to-lunch they can be, but I have to say that those models have done a very good job the last week to ten days -- consistently projecting this period of intense monsoon conditions we find ourselves in the midst of recently.  This week has been by far the wettest week of the season and the year, with about 11" (27.5cm) of rain just since Monday evening.  The average humidity has been exactly what we were expecting as well -- remaining well above 90% the last couple of days.

Looking at things from all angles, it appears that we will not find our way out of this soggy mess for at least another two or three days, as deep, rich and juicy tropical moisture continues to be forced up against the outer ranges of the north Indian Himalayas, and some slightly cooler air in the upper-levels of the atmosphere drifts in from the northwest.  Rainfall projection data still seems to keep the heaviest amounts south and west of us over the weekend, but so far that has not been the case.  

By late Monday into Tuesday we may taste a bit of a respite, which could mean lower daily rainfall totals for two or three days.  For the actual stats, follow the JULY RAINFALL tally on the tab up at the top of the page...