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Sunday, July 17, 2016

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**Update @ 9:04pm... This is what monsoon season is all about -- 1.58" (4.0cm) of rain in just 45 minutes, giving a massive boost to our previously tiny total for the day.  Still raining quite heavily...

**Update @ 8:44pm... All that talk about a day with very little rainfall means nothing now, as very heavy rain has developed overhead during the last half hour or so.  I will try to get a look at the rain gauge shortly...


Sunday's stats:

Low temp: 62.6F (17.0C)

High temp: 70.2F (21.2C)
Rainfall: 2.35" (6.0cm) -- total through midnight

Our sky condition has been quite variable since late this afternoon, with some patches of blue sky and sunshine alternating with clouds and fog.  We're still kind of in that variable state at the moment, though the fog looks like it is taking over again.  Rainfall today has been light -- at least as of 6:30pm, I've got the lowest total since Thursday the 7th, exactly ten days ago.  Scattered light showers were confined to the mid-late morning, and then again just after 4:00pm.  Even with the absence of significant rain, humidity averaged right around 94%.

Conditions remain favorable for the development of some areas of moderate to locally heavy rain during the coming 24 hours or so, so we may get hit again tonight and/or Monday.  But then that subtle retreat of the deepest tropical moisture is still being advertised between Tuesday and perhaps mid-day Thursday.  It would be kind of nice to get a break from the heavier rains for a few days, since the last week has been a whopper.  I've measured about 14" (35.6cm) in the last seven days, and that's close to the largest weekly rainfall totals we ever get around here.

Rainfall rates are likely to increase again by the latter part of the week -- as early as Thursday evening into Friday.  But even with the ebb and flow of rainfall intensity this coming week, humidity should remain consistently high.

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