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Friday, July 1, 2016

july - the wettest month... (pm.01.jul.16)>

Friday's stats:

Low temp: 65.7F (18.7C)

High temp: 74.6F (23.7C)
Rainfall: 0.38" (1.0cm)

It's cloudy with some haze and light fog in the area this evening, as humidity remains just above 80%, as it has throughout the day.  We've had several periods of rain showers and some thunder at times since well before sunrise this morning, but as you can see from the stats, today's rainfall has been relatively light so far -- at least compared to what we had yesterday.

That may be changing shortly though, as satellite pics this evening are showing an extensive area of rain and thunderstorms blossoming to our west and northwest, which the upper winds should steer in our direction if they don't dissipate in the next few hours.  As we've been anticipating, the weekend is looking like it could be a very wet one, as a very moist tropical air mass gets over-run by some cooler air flowing into the upper-levels of the atmosphere.  Some of the computer model data is showing the heaviest rainfall amounts just to our southwest between late tonight and late Sunday night, but we'll have to take that with a grain of salt, since our mountain slopes could trigger heavier rains that the models don't clue in to.

July is here -- and the normal/average rainfall for the month is in the range of 37-38 inches (94-96cm), which is a staggering amount of rain in any part of the world.  Last year the heaviest rain waited until the latter part of July to really start adding up, but it seems that we may not have to wait that long this year.

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