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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

rain gauge is busy... (pm.12.jul.16)>

Tuesday's stats:

Low temp: 64.8F (18.2C)

High temp: 71.2F (21.8C)
Rainfall: 1.51" (3.8cm) --updated @ 8:00pm

We're enjoying a brighter moment, with some big breaks in the clouds allowing some patches of blue and faint glimmers of sunshine to appear this evening.  But it has been an extremely wet 24-hour period, with nearly 4" (10cm) of rain since this time yesterday.  The rainfall total listed above is only a partial amount for the day -- and I'm pretty sure I'll find almost double that when I get to the rain gauge in an hour or so.  Check back for the update.  But let's just say we've had some robust monsoon conditions in the area since last evening's post.

The most impressive surge of deep tropical moisture of our still relatively young monsoon season is in progress across northcentral into northwest India, and it looks like periods of heavy to very heavy rainfall will be likely over a wide area during the rest of this week, and probably through the weekend.  Of course it won't rain continuously -- and there will even likely be some extended periods of dry weather -- but as I've been aluding to for a few days, the weekly rainfall total by this Sunday is probably going to be very impressive. I think we'll be hearing about flooding and some landslides across parts of Himalayan north India during the coming several days as well.

Sunshine should be much more limited through the weekend, which will keep our temperatures from fluctuating very much between night and day, as humidity stays near or above 90% most of the time.

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