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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

temporarily uneventful... (pm.20.jul.16)>

Wednesday's stats:

Low temp: 64.0F (17.8C)

High temp: 75.5F (24.2C)
Rainfall: trace 

It is very foggy and cloudy at this moment, and there have been some random sprinkles of rain in the last hour or so.  But, unless we get more substantial shower development in the next several hours, we're going to end up with the third day in a row of very sub-par rainfall amounts for the middle of July.  I've recorded just 0.15" (4mm) of rain since Monday morning.  Clouds, fog and sunshine battled it out again today, with only those very light sprinkles and brief showers -- just after noon, and again this evening.  Humidity has ranged from 78 to 95%.

This period of nearly 72 hours without significant rainfall is a rather long one for this time of year, but it's looking like we will be easing back into a wetter pattern as the weekend approaches.  If we don't get some heavier rain this evening, it is looking like those chances will be on the rise late tomorrow (Thu), with the risk of heavy rain going higher and higher between Friday and Sunday.  Right now this new surge of tropical moisture doesn't look as daunting as the one we dealt with last week, but it's at least going to put us back into moderately active monsoon conditions after this recent break.

Temperatures both yesterday and today were among the top five warmest of the month, but with average humidity on the increase again, along with more pervasive showers coming back into the picture, we should drop a few degrees by Saturday, Sunday and probably beyond...

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