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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

it rained a lot... (pm.05.jul.16)>

Tuesday's stats:

Low temp: 62.8F (17.1C)

High temp: 73.7F (23.2C)
Rainfall: 3.27" (8.3cm) -- updated at 8:20pm

The mahem of the mid-late afternoon has come to an end, and we actually have a very quiet and pleasant evening underway.  There's even some clearing showing up over the mountains to the north, but still a lot of cloudiness in all other directions.  The undeniable main event of the day was the massive downpour which got started shortly after 3:00pm and reached its climax between 3:30 and 4:20pm -- just when I was trying to traverse the length of McLeod Ganj, from Tushita Road all the way down to Kirti Monastery.  Needless to say, even with a very large umbrella, I was pretty much soaked.  But enough about me and my problems.  We did have some off and on peeks of sun this morning and even into the early afternoon, but humidity never dropped much below 80% today.

That rainfall total up in the stats section will be updated as soon as I can get back to take a look at the rain gauge -- but I am certain that it is probably at least double what you see there.  If that is indeed the case, this afternoon's deluge will be the heaviest single rainfall event of this new monsoon season.  July is definitely off to a roaring start.

There's a big birthday party tomorrow morning at Tsuglakhang, honoring His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and let's hope and pray that those few hours will somehow come in between bouts of rain.  Otherwise the rest of the week will continue to feature periods of muggy sunshine, clouds and fog, and occasional rain showers of varying intensity.  Appreciable invasions of dry air are just not a very good possibility as we push deeper into July.

Follow our mounting rainfall tally on the JULY RAINFALL tab above, along with continuing info on the monsoon's advance on SUMMER INTO MONSOON.