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Monday, August 1, 2016

august aggression... (pm.01.aug.16)>

*Update @ 9:43pm... At least for now, the rain has abated.  But look at that total for the day in the stats section down below.  Wow.

*Update @ 8:47pm... I updated the rainfall total about a half hour ago, but since then, the rain intensity has increased again.  If it doesn't slow down soon, this could be an evening of rain gauge overflow...

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 63.9F (17.7C)
High temp: 71.0F (21.7C)
Rainfall: 4.32" (11.0cm) --total thru midnight

We've had one heck of a major deluge this evening -- starting right around 5:20pm -- which has greatly increased the day's rainfall total over and above the amount you see above.  I'll of course be updating that number later this evening.  Otherwise, this first day of August has behaved almost exactly they way we would expect the first day of August to behave -- clouds, fog, high humidity (above 92% all day), only very brief glimpses of sun, and occasional rain showers going all the way back to the midnight hour.  July ended on a very wet note, and the new month has begun in the same fashion.

A few very heavy rain events during the final week of July pushed us above 99% of the normal/average amount for the month (see JULY RAINFALL) -- but now we start with a clean slate as August kicks off.  The average rainfall total for this month is only slightly less than for July -- very close to 36" (91.5cm).

Model data trends are showing this recent very wet period winding down a bit as we head into mid-week, with a chance of somewhat of a breather during the Wednesday through mid-day Friday time frame.  I kind of doubt that there will be absolutely nothing to measure in the rain gauge during that period, but it looks like it could be significantly less than our daily average during the last week or so.  But then... very deep moisture and other favorable dynamic ingredients reassemble as the weekend arrives, with more bouts of heavy rain likely into early next week.

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