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Monday, August 8, 2016

a bit 'less wet'... (pm.08.aug.16)>

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 63.9F (17.7C)
High temp: 70.3F (21.3C)
Rainfall: 0.18" (5mm) -- total thru midnight

Clouds are very thick and gloomy across the area this evening, with some occasional fog, and a light drizzle in progress.  There have also been some more substantial mainly light rain showers since about 5:30pm.  Yes, there have been a few periods of light showers today, but there have also been some fleeting peeks of sunshine, both during the early morning and again briefly during the afternoon.  Today's rainfall tally is very small compared to what we dealt with over the weekend -- at least as of mid-evening.

We've had a spectacular amount of rain since the last several days of July, as this mid-monsoon period performs pretty much up to standard right here in our notoriously wet location along the front slopes of the Dhauladhars.  As we've been talking about for a few days, the models are showing somewhat of a slowdown in daily rainfall rates this week, but by the time we get into the weekend and analyze the numbers, it may not be all that "less wet" than we've seen during the last 12-13 days or so.  Even if monsoon conditions wane a bit, we're still talking about a few periods of moderate to heavy rainfall as the rest of this week plays out.

There are still some indications of a more significant reduction in rainfall frequency and intensity sometime after the 18th of the month, but that's still ten days away, so I will view it with a large degree of skepticism until we get a little closer...

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