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Thursday, August 18, 2016

a period of serenity... (pm.18.aug.16)>

Thursday's stats:

Low temp: 62.4F (16.9C)
High temp: 71.7F (22.1C)
Rainfall: 0.08" (2mm) 

The weather this evening definitely falls into the TOP THREE most pleasant (and gorgeous) of the month of August up to this point.  It's partly cloudy, there is NO FOG, no trace of rain, and at least as of a few minutes ago, there was a nice rainbow over the mountains to the east-northeast.  Temperatures are extremely pleasant (still close to 70ºF/21ºC), with humidity right around 80%.  Actually we had clouds for most of the day, but rainfall has been in the form of only short periods of drizzle and light rain showers at times.  The sun started breaking out by late afternoon and has been peeking in and out right into the evening.

Though there have been occasional setbacks, we've certainly seen the expected slowdown in monsoon conditions evolve over the course of the past several days, as the very deepest tropical moisture lurks southeast of us.  All of the model data is showing a hesitant return of that genuine monsoon moisture over the course of the coming few days, but there are some decent pockets of drier and more stable air across extreme northwest India that will take some time to be displaced.  Still, the development of showers and/or thundershowers could occur any time, with the risk of longer-lasting and heavier rains returning as we transition into next week.

Even with this recent period of much lower daily rainfall rates, we are only in need of 7.69" (19.5cm) of additional rain in the next 13 days to finish the month on par with the norm.  Check AUGUST RAINFALL stats at the top of the page for the details.