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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

measurable rain, finally... (pm.24.aug.16)>

Wednesday's stats (today):

Low temp: 64.8F (18.2C)
High temp: 72.3F (22.4C)
Rainfall: 0.26" (7mm) -- updated @ 8:00pm

Tuesday's stats (yesterday):

Low temp: 64.9F (18.3C)
High temp: 74.6F (23.7C)
Rainfall: trace

After three full days without measurable rainfall, we've finally had something in the gauge today -- though it hasn't been much at all to get excited about.  Periods of sprinkles, drizzle and mainly light showers have been coming and going since just before 10:00am, and continue this evening.  Clouds and some short episodes of thick fog have won the day, with only a little bit of sunshine early this morning.

Very feeble monsoon conditions have stayed with us recently, in spite of the models' continual suggestions of an uptick in activity.  Areas of rain showers have been scattered, with all of the heavier ones staying clear of McLeod Ganj for several days.  More randomness is in our future, with a round of heavier rainfall still possible at any time.

A week ago, the remaining amount of rain to get to achieve the norm for the month of August looked like it would be a simple task, but with the monsoon drought since the 16th of the month, we're now looking at a greater challenge.