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Thursday, August 4, 2016

sunny warmth to showers... (pm.04.aug.16)>

Thursday's stats:

Low temp: 66.9F (19.4C)
High temp: 80.4F (26.9C)
Rainfall: 1.54" (3.9cm) -- total thru midnight

We're experiencing a dramatic turn of events this evening, with some moderate to occasionally heavy rain showers in the area, along with thick cloudiness and fog.  What a change from what we were able to enjoy for the vast majority of the day.  The nearly full sunshine this morning, with humidity dropping to about 67%, was something I don't remember ever happening during the first few days of August.  It was downright gorgeous until the convective development got going during the early afternoon, bringing us some widely scattered sprinkles and very light rain showers in the midst of the variable sun and clouds.  AND -- with that sunshine and lower humidity, I recorded the warmest high temp since the 24th of JUNE.

Although models are showing the most significant resurgence of deep tropical moisture holding off until late tomorrow (Fri), it seems that we're already getting a preliminary taste of that this evening.  SO -- this recent period of quiet and drier weather is already coming to an end, obviously.  The data shows some very impressive rainfall amounts in our area over the weekend, with a particularly ominous-looking bull's-eye right on top of western Himachal Pradesh on Saturday night into mid-day Sunday.  But really, this is nothing out of the ordinary, since we are right in the middle of the middle of the monsoon season, and the heaviest rains of the entire year often occur during the last few days of July, and the first 10-15 days of August.

Next week could show some variability, but moderate to heavy rain is possible just about any day, in between periods of calm and quiet.

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