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Thursday, April 30, 2015

taste of turbulence... (pm.30.apr.15)>

*Update @ 7:46pm... Finally, a respectable thundershower in progress.  There's been a bit of small hail and some briefly moderate to heavy rain during the past 15-20mins or so. But it doesn't look like it will last very long...

Thursday's stats:

Low temp: 52.7F (11.5C) -- updated @ 8:45pm
High temp: 70.3F (21.3C)
Rainfall: 0.32" (8mm) -- updated @ 8:45pm

We have cloudy skies just before dark this evening, and there have been some faint rumbles of thunder, along with a few fleeting light raindrops during the past hour or so.  Our sunshine today was very limited -- confined to a short period just after noon, and then again for a while during the mid-afternoon hours.  But despite all the cloudiness, the rain itself has been very sparse, and not even enough to register a measurement in the gauge.  We've also had gusty winds off and on all day, with some very high wind gusts between about 9:40 and 10:00am.

The center of our latest upper-level disturbance is rolling across extreme northern Pakistan at the moment -- driving this spell of turbulent weather all across the western Himalayan region.  All of the significant rainfall has remained north of us so far, but it's still possible that we could get some measurable rain from widely scattered showers and thundershowers which will be roaming the landscape all the way through Saturday.  I'm pretty confident that we'll be seeing much more sunshine both tomorrow (Fri) and Saturday, but pockets of colder air aloft will interact with warmer air at the surface to keep our atmosphere unstable enough for a thundershower or two... mainly during the afternoon and early evening hours.

The models are showing an aggressively building ridge of high pressure over most of northwest India starting on Sunday, which could end up being our dominant weather feature for most of next week.  This should provide us with generally dry weather, and also generate a significant warming trend for our first week of May.  In fact, it's looking like we could easily end up above normal/average for the season by Tuesday.

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