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TOTAL RAINFALL yesterday afternoon/evening = 0.41" (1.0cm)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

some things to watch... (am.19.apr.15)>

This morning I'm recording an overnight low temp of 62.4F (16.9C), which is the warmest low of the season and the year.  That comes on the heels of yesterday's high of 75.7F (24.3C), which was the warmest high of the year.  This morning we have partly cloudy skies as the sun comes up -- and there has been no rainfall since last evening's report.

A large bubble of very warm air extends from southern Pakistan into central India, and we are catching the northern fringes of that summertime air mass.  But we're also not too far from a battle line between air masses that is setting up just to our north.  As a weak upper-level circulation moves from Afghanistan into Kashmir during the next 36 hours or so, there's going to be some shower and thunderstorm development across the western Himalayan region -- along the path of where the greatest temperature gradient overlaps with the approaching upper-level energy.  Right now it appears that the most significant rainfall will remain just north of us, but I think we still have to be prepared for some shower/thunderstorm activity, perhaps this afternoon, but more likely overnight.  In the meantime, it's going to remain pleasantly warm.

There will be a good chance of a couple of waves of showers/thunder on Monday and Monday night, with a stabilizing trend appearing by Tuesday.  For the rest of next week, it's looking like we'll see temperature close to seasonal norms, along with more of this sun/cloud mix.  We're also going to have to be aware of some afternoon thunder potential, especially by Friday and Saturday...

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