Wednesday, April 29, 2015

between disturbances... (am.29.apr.15)>

There is less haze this morning, which is nice to see -- and we have no clouds at all in these minutes before sunrise.  Lingering clouds last evening quickly gave way to mostly clear skies overnight, so there has been no rainfall since last report.  I'm recording a low temp of 58.8F (14.9C) here on Tushita Road just below the mountaineering center.

A westerly flow aloft contains a few upper-level disturbances -- the first of which moved across northern India between late Monday and yesterday afternoon, stirring up some scattered thundershower action.  The next disturbance is scheduled for tomorrow (Thu) into Friday, and will increase again our risk of some isolated to widely scattered showers and thundershowers around the area.  In the meantime, we should see plenty of sunshine this morning, with a build-up of mountain clouds by this afternoon.  Even without a genuine disturbance in the area today, there could be just enough instability due to the daytime heating to trigger an isolated thundershower somewhere along the mountain slopes.

That risk of thundershowers on Thursday and Friday will come in the midst of a back-and-forth between clouds and sun, with temperatures likely to fluctuate radically between periods of sun and showers -- as we experienced yesterday.  Our atmosphere may remain just unstable enough to trigger another isolated thundershower or two on Saturday, then there are hints of a pretty major jump in temperatures and lots of sunshine as a rather strong ridge of high pressure builds in early next week.  I've already recorded three 80º+ temperatures this season, and it looks like more of those will be on the way.

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