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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

inversion issues... (am.14.apr.15)>

As the sun gets ready to peek over the Dhauladhars this morning, we have partly cloudy and hazy skies.  I'm recording an overnight low (and current temp) of 55.0F (12.8C), and there has been no rainfall overnight.

The subtleties and nuances of the atmosphere are endlessly entertaining... and often irritating.  The warmest air of this season has been building across northern India in the upper-levels of the atmosphere, but there is now relatively cooler air in the mid- and lower levels that has led to the formation of a classic inversion.  That's why we've had all this haze and patchy low cloudiness since yesterday.  As the sun comes up and starts heating things up a bit, I'm fairly certain we'll see the development of clouds again today -- and that's robbing us of the pleasantly warm temperatures we've had the last several days and were expecting to stick around.  But it only takes the slightest variations in the way the temperatures of different layers of the atmosphere interact, so let's hope maybe it all tips more in our favor.

The models are showing an increasing chance of some isolated to widely scattered shower or thundershower activity on Wednesday into Thursday, then a blast of drier and warmer air coming in on Friday and Saturday.  THEN -- another chance of some thundershowers early next week.  This pattern is a rather changeable one, but not overly unpleasant for this time of year.

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