Tuesday, April 21, 2015

flirting with summer... (am.21.apr.15)>

The low temperature of the whole night is happening now as I type -- 63.1F (17.3C) -- which is a bit cooler than it was this time yesterday morning, but still milder than normal for this time of year.  There were more rumbles of thunder, some gusty winds, and a few brief sprinkles of rain again overnight, but I've got nothing measurable in the rain gauge.  In fact, there's been only a trace of rainfall in total, in association with the disturbance flirting with us the past 36 hours or so.

What's left of that weak upper-level disturbance is actually very close to us early this morning, after triggering a few waves of showers and thunderstorms which remained just barely to our north and northeast.  For the first time this season, the bubble of warm, summertime air has pushed far enough northward to shield us from the effects of one of those disturbances -- if only by a hair.

There's still going to be some lingering instability across Himachal today, however, so an isolated thundershower or two is not out of the question, mainly during the mid-day and afternoon hours.  Otherwise we'll see more of this sun/cloud mix, with temperatures remaining close to normal for the season.  The rest of the week will most likely feature more of the same -- marginal instability keeping occasional clouds in the forecast, along with the slight risk of an afternoon thundershower.  As long as we don't get too much cloud development, our temps will be comfortably warm all the way into the weekend.  Overall, we're dealing with a fairly typical late April scenario...

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