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Sunday, April 5, 2015

maybe some easter sun... (am.05.apr.15)>

There are patches of clouds out there just before the sun rises over the Dhauladhars on this Easter Sunday morning -- but there are patches of blue sky as well.  We had a rowdy period of rain and thunder for a few hours in the very middle of the night, and there is 0.77" (2.0cm) in my rain gauge to show for it.  The temperature dropped all the way down to 43.5F (6.4C) in the midst of that thunderstorm, but we've rebounded to about 47F (8.3C) at sunrise.

A small area of thundershowers very close to Jammu last evening around 9:00pm had looked like it would most likely dissipate as it drifted southeastward, but that was obviously not the case.  It held together and even intensified -- fed by a batch of upper-level energy and a pool of unseasonably cold air aloft which continues to linger over northern India.  This is the kind of drama that we could have to continue dealing with during the first half of this new week, until the upper levels of the atmosphere warm up enough to squash most of this instability.  The good news is that it looks like we'll be able to come up with a greater percentage of sunshine in the midst of the periods of cloudiness and potential thundershower development.  The bad news is that the latest data is pointing to Tuesday through early Wednesday morning for yet another potentially significant period of showers and thundershowers.  Honestly, this is just not yet the kind of weather pattern that will allow us to relax.

Temperatures have refused to warm up thus far -- after an entire week of languishing well cooler than normal for the season.  It still looks like we'll be very slowly moderating, with some hope that by Thursday and Friday we'll be back into the comfort zone.

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