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Saturday, March 7, 2015

turning ugly again... (pm.07.mar.15)>

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 41.4F (5.2C)
High temp: 52.5F (11.4C)
Rainfall: 0.14" (4mm)
*updated @ 8:45pm

Rain showers are developing and moving in right at this very moment -- pretty much right on schedule.  We were able to get some dim sunshine through high cloudiness up until about noon, but those clouds continued to thicken the rest of the day, keeping our high temp a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday's.  It felt much cooler though, due to the very limited sunshine.

The very active weather pattern that hasn't allowed us to have anything other than a random day of pleasant, dry and sunny weather here and there is still in progress.  Our next storm system is centered over central Afghanistan this evening, with areas of rain and thunderstorms now developing out ahead of the main circulation center.  The best chance of significant rainfall will be between later tonight and early Monday morning -- and it's fairly likely that we'll also have to deal with some thunder and gusty winds at times.  There could be some rather long breaks in between waves of rain, according to a couple of the computer models, but even if that happens, it's looking unpleasant until perhaps mid-day or evening on Monday.  Temperatures will continue to run very far below normal for this stage of March.

A ridge of high pressure will try very hard to begin building across the area by Tuesday, and that will trigger a warming trend for the middle of next week.  The upper-level flow continues to look unstable, however, so in spite of a moderation in temperatures, we can't completely rule out some scattered showers once again by Friday and Saturday.

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