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TOTAL RAINFALL yesterday afternoon/evening = 0.41" (1.0cm)

Monday, March 30, 2015

a week of instability... (am.30.mar.15)>

It seems like there are a few breaks in the overcast just before sunrise on this Monday morning, otherwise it's mostly cloudy.  We've had an active night, with numerous periods of rain showers and some very sharp cracks of thunder at times.  Despite all the noise, my rain gauge shows just 0.41" (1.0cm) in the past 12 hours -- with a total of 0.93" (2.4cm) since about 2:00am on Sunday morning.  As far as the thermometer is concerned, I've recorded an overnight low temp of 49.3F (9.6C) here on Tushita Road in the upper part of town.

The center of an upper-level low pressure circulation is very near Amritsar at the moment, and has supplied the dynamic energy for all this shower and thundershower action recently.  It is also the first of several disturbances which will be moving across northern India between now and the weekend.  There is a moisture supply available, and there is also some colder air in the upper-atmosphere that will team up with these disturbances to keep things quite unstable for us all week long.  The showers and thundershowers will be the 'come and go' variety, so i still don't think we're talking about extended periods of continuous rain -- just be prepared for rain potential on any given day, at any given hour.  There are indications that we could see somewhat of a decent break in the action tomorrow (Tues), but the timing of these individual disturbances is really hard to pin down exactly... so we're going to have to take it day by day.

According to the latest data, Friday is looking particularly wet, with maybe a gradual upward turn as we head toward Easter Sunday, and especially into Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Our temperatures which were well above normal for this time of year have already dropped to below normal levels... and they should stay several degrees cooler than average until perhaps sometime next week.

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