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SATURDAY EVENING... Today's high temp was the warmest I've recorded since the 20th of December, exactly one month ago...

Monday, March 16, 2015

monday moisture... (am.16.mar.15)>

It's cloudy with light rain and fog early on this Monday morning, and there has been a lot of rain and thunder overnight.  I was stunned to see 1.71" (4.3cm) in the rain gauge since about 9:00pm, giving us 2.23" (5.7cm) for a grand total so far with this latest storm system.  There have also been some brief periods of small hail, with occasionally gusty winds as well.  I'm recording a low temp of 41.5F (5.3C).

The centerpoint of circulation of this system is located just to the west of Amritsar as of about 6:00am.  Its dynamic capacity is weakening rapidly as it shifts slowly east-northeastward, but there is still a very large batch of moisture entrained into the circulation, which will continue to be gradually wrung out as it encounters the mountains during the next 12-18 hours or so.  That means we can expect more waves of showers and thundershowers throughout the day and probably well into the night.  It's possible that we could come up with some periods of partial clearing in the midst of it all, though.  But for the most part, it looks like a fairly gloomy Monday.

Tomorrow we will be transitioning out of this mess, and into something more pleasant for the remainder of the week.  A few random showers are still a good bet on Tuesday, but we should have increasing amounts of sunshine as well.  Then our temperatures will be heading upward on Wednesday and Thursday, before a weak disturbance brings in a chance of a period of showers/thunder on Friday afternoon and night.  From this vantage point, the weekend is looking fine and seasonably mild.

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