Thursday, March 19, 2015

positive trends... (am.19.mar.15)>

Our Thursday morning is dawning with clear skies, which means we've got more sunshine to look forward to very shortly.  It's been a peaceful and uneventful night -- with no precipitation and a low temperature of 48.8F (9.3C) here in the upper part of town.

A ridge of high pressure to our south will continue trying to build northward today, allowing a general warming of the air mass throughout all layers of the atmosphere.  That should diminish the instability that led to some ominous cloud development over the mountains and even some isolated thundershowers up there yesterday afternoon into the early evening.  We do have another very weak disturbance on schedule to move across northern India on Friday, however, which could bring us a period of cloudiness and even a chance of a few scattered light rain showers somewhere around the area.

The big news continues to be the aggressive push of that high pressure ridge from the south over the weekend into early next week.  Temperatures should jump right into the springtime comfort zone -- and it's looking more and more likely that we'll crack the 70F/21C mark as long as we can keep the sunshine dominant.  There is another risk of some showers on Tuesday, but that episode should be short-lived.  We may actually have finally broken into the kind of pattern we've been waiting for...

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