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Sunday, March 15, 2015

more nastiness to come... (pm.15.mar.15)>

Sunday's stats:

Low temp: 45.0F (7.2C)
High temp: 53.2F (11.8C)
Rainfall: 0.52" (1.3cm)

This evening at sunset our sky is partly cloudy, at the end of a day in which we've seen everything from driving rain to gusty winds to pleasant periods of sun.  Nearly all of the rain occurred during the morning into the early afternoon hours, with sunshine peeking through the clouds quite frequently after about 2:45pm.  Temperatures have been unseasonably cool all day -- but it felt a bit better with that mid- to late afternoon sun.

The center of an area of upper-level low pressure is located pretty much right over the middle of Pakistan at the moment, and has been responsible for our turbulent weather since the very early morning hours.  Although we've had a nice break since the mid-afternoon, things are going to go nasty on us again overnight, with more periods of rain and thunder becoming likely.  A few more waves of rain showers and possible thunderstorms will stay in the forecast through Monday and Monday night, with some lingering showers quite possible well into Tuesday, too.  We've probably not yet seen the real muscle of this storm system yet -- so don't be fooled by the temporary clearing these last few hours.

By Tuesday evening, our air mass will be stabilizing again, and that will set us up for what looks to be a fairly nice stretch of weather for the remainder of the week.  It probably won't be 100% uneventful, but with a warming trend kicking in and a good amount of sunshine, it could finally start to feel like it should feel this time of year.  We've been cooler and wetter than normal this entire month of March thus far, so that would be a welcome change...

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