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Saturday, March 14, 2015

slow-moving system... (am.14.mar.15)>

The recent theme of partly cloudy skies continues early this morning -- with some patches of mainly high clouds interspersed with patches of blue.  There was no precipitation overnight, and I'm recording a low temp of 49.1F (9.5C) here on Tushita Road below the mountaineering center.

The storm system winding up to our southwest is one heck of a slow mover.  Its center of circulation is inching eastward across southern Pakistan with a large area of cloudiness and embedded showers and thundershowers extending from central Pakistan across northern Rajasthan, into eastern Uttar Pradesh.  This whole system is going to begin shifting toward the northeast -- slowly -- during the coming 12-24 hours, and that will eventually bring us increasing chances of rain and thunder.  Not to mention a tilt in favor of thicker cloud cover.  Some scattered rain showers could develop in our general area at any time today, but it's still looking like the very best chance of some periods of moderate to heavy rain and thunderstorms will hold off until the Sunday through late Monday night time frame.  There will probably be some lingering showers or possibly a thundershower hanging on into Tuesday as well.

Temperatures the last several days have been much easier to take -- but unfortunately, we'll have to endure another period of chilly weather for a couple of days, as soon as the thicker cloudiness and more persistent rain showers set in.

By Tuesday evening we should be embarking on the next streak of drier, calmer and milder weather.  At least according to the latest extended range weather charts, the overall pattern is looking nice for the latter half of next week and beyond...

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