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SATURDAY EVENING... Today's high temp was the warmest I've recorded since the 20th of December, exactly one month ago...

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

slightly better, temporarily... (am.31.mar.15)>

It is mostly cloudy at sunrise this morning, though there are a few breaks in the overcast. Light rain showers lingered for most of the night -- until just before 5:00am -- but my rain gauge indicates only 0.20" (5mm) during the past 12 hours.  That brings our total rainfall since this rainy spell began very early Sunday morning up to 1.18" (3.0cm).  I'm recording a very chilly overnight low temp of 46.9F (8.3C), but it's 50.0F (10.0C) at the moment.

Our change to a more active and inclement weather pattern has been hard to get adjusted to, after all of those gorgeous days in a row last week.  But it's the new reality.  It still looks like we may get somewhat of a break in the action today, which may last into mid-day Wednesday, before the next significant disturbance slides in to northern India from the west.  A couple of showers are not out of the question today into tonight, but I think it's looking better during this next 24 hours or so.  The potential for heavier rain and thunder will increase dramatically by tomorrow (Wed) afternoon, with that higher rain risk continuing into early Thursday morning.  Then there could be another brief break before the next in this series of disturbances arrives late Thursday night or early Friday morning.  The week is unfolding pretty much according to expectations, with measurable rainfall appearing likely each 24-hour period all the way into the weekend.  Some sunshine in between these rainy periods will be nice to see -- but don't get too attached to it.

The disturbance on Friday into early Saturday could be the strongest of all, with a good chance of some heavy rainfall and intense thunderstorms.  But there are hints that things will begin to calm down a bit by Sunday, with some kind of slow improvement getting underway next week.  Temperatures, needless to say, will remain well below seasonal averages until we can get this overall pattern to change.

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