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Monday, March 16, 2015

somebody make it stop... (pm.16.mar.15)>

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 41.2F (5.1C)
High temp: 49.6F (9.8C)
Precipitation since 7:00am: 1.59" (4.0cm)
Storm total precipitation: 3.30" (8.4cm)
*stats updated at 8:45pm

A vigorous rain shower is in progress as I start typing this evening, and there have been more than enough of those throughout the day.  It has been what could easily be called a miserable Monday, with thick cloudiness, unseasonably cold temperatures, and frequent periods of rain, gusty winds and even a bit of thunder with some tiny hail at times.  You can see from the rain stats above that we've already far exceeded the amounts that were generally expected from this weather system -- and those numbers will continue to rise.

There remains a weak upper-level circulation right along the southwestern border of Jammu & Kashmir at sunset this evening, with an expansive pool of very chilly air in association with it.  Obviously we've also got plenty of moisture wrapped into this system, and it's probably not going to be exhausted until very late tonight or Tuesday morning.  That means we can expect occasional showers to continue.  A gradual stabilization of the atmosphere should occur tomorrow (Tues), however, which will probably allow at least some measure of clearing to enter the picture as the day wears on.  But still -- there could be a few random/scattered rain showers in the area.

The overall weather pattern is looking significantly better for the rest of the week, as some semblance of a high pressure ridge tries to build northward.  This will bring us a warming trend which should last into the weekend, along with a mixture of sunshine and clouds.  One thing we have to watch is a fast-moving upper-level disturbance which will move across northern India on Friday.  It could bring us a period of thicker cloud cover, along with a risk of at least scattered shower and thundershower action for a few hours.

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