Monday, June 8, 2015

the nature of june... (am.08.jun.15)>

A beautiful Monday morning -- we have totally clear skies and comfortably mild temperatures at sunrise.  I'm recording a low temp of 66.7F (19.3C) here at my spot in the upper part of town, and there has been no rainfall overnight.

The overall weather pattern this week is looking fairly typical for this stage of June.  Already we've seen a considerable amount of warming from the surface into the upper-levels of the atmosphere after our extended period of much cooler than average weather last week.  The upper-level flow is rather lazy -- from the north-northwest, but will turn around more to the west-northwest as this week progresses.  There are no significant disturbances or storm systems to deal with, but there is going to be enough of a disparity between aggressive warming at the surface and lingering relatively cooler pockets of air aloft to give us a continuing risk of isolated thundershower development in the vicinity of the mountains during the afternoon hours.  Yesterday's downpour, though short-lived (less than an hour), was a sign of things to come as we progress through June and toward the monsoon season.  We'll have plenty of very warm sunshine, but also that risk of a thundershower on just about any given day.

The warming trend of the past few days will continue today and probably tomorrow (Tue) and Wednesday as well, as we approach the warmest temps of the season and the year thus far.  We'll have to keep in mind the afternoon cloud/thunder potential limiting the temperature climb, but it could be pushing 90ºF (32ºC) mid-week.

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