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TOTAL RAINFALL yesterday afternoon/evening = 0.41" (1.0cm)

Monday, June 1, 2015

not very june-like... (pm.01.jun.15)>

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 59.4F (15.2C)
High temp: 74.8F (23.8C)
Rainfall: trace

In my experience, the internet data flow in the evenings when I work on this blog has been absolutely horrible the last month or more... worse than I can remember in several years.  It takes forever for me to get to the data I need, and then even longer to get the blog itself posted.  I usually don't like to rant about all of that here... but tonight I'm in a bad mood about it.  Let's see if I can eventually get this published.

Anyway, we have an unbelievable beautiful evening underway -- it's unseasonably pleasant in terms of both temperatures and humidity, and our skies are almost totally clear.  We did have quite a lot of cloudiness around this morning, with thundershowers trying to develop just north of us around mid-day, but I never saw anything more than a couple of light sprinkles of rain here in town.  The sun became more abundant this afternoon, but this air mass is cool enough that our temps remained well below normal for the first day of June.

Things are a bit deceiving at the moment, however, as a large but weak upper-level circulation remains sprawled out just to our west.  There are batches of thundershowers north, west and south of us -- evidence that the air mass is not as stable as it might appear.  The risk of some showers and thunder will remain with us all the way through Wednesday, with a slight chance of a thundershower on Thursday as well, before warmer air throughout all layers of the atmosphere spreads back in.  Obviously the showers have been isolated to scattered in nature... and they should continue to be hit-and-miss for the most part.  But if we get hit, we get hit, so don't be surprised.

These cooler than normal temps will hang around for another few days as well, but it should warm up considerably by the weekend -- again approaching normal for the season.

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