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Monday, June 1, 2015

temps below normal... (am.01.jun.15)>

Our first morning of June is dawning with partly cloudy skies and unseasonably cool temperatures.  Currently it is 62.2F (16.8C), but I've recorded an overnight low of 59.4F (15.2C).  Some dying showers moved through during the middle of the night, but only brought trace amounts of rain -- there's been just 0.02" (less than 1mm) of rainfall in the past 24 hours.

Well the month of May is now history, and it ended with just 1.81" (4.6cm) of rainfall -- about a half-inch (1.2cm) below normal.  Almost 90% of that occurred during the first half of the month.  So we've definitely been dry for the last 15-16 days, with only fleeting, light amounts of rain to settle the dust on rare occasions.

Our light showers yesterday were the first sign of a changing upper-level pattern which is now underway, and will keep conditions unstable and unsettled for most of this week.  The center of an elongated upper-level low pressure circulation extends from western Kashmir into east-central Pakistan early this morning, and it will be moving very little between now and late Wednesday.  There's also some much cooler air aloft in association with this system... some of which has already been brought down to the surface courtesy of scattered shower activity around north India since yesterday mid-day.  I'm not very impressed with moisture availability and thus, precipitation amounts being projected by the computer models -- but we do have a good chance of at least occasional periods of showers and possible thunder all the way into Thursday.  There's also going to be a lot of back-and-forth between sun and clouds this week.

Temperatures these first few days of June are going to run well below normal -- a bit of natural air conditioning -- but we should be warming back into the normal range by the weekend.

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