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Saturday, June 6, 2015

heading back to normal... (pm.06.jun.15)>

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 63.5F (17.5C)
High temp: 80.9F (27.2C)
Rainfall: trace

There are some scattered clouds lingering mainly over the Dhauladhars this evening just before sunset, otherwise we have mostly clear skies to end the day.  And a very nice one it has been -- with full sunshine until around noon, when we had a fairly significant build-up of clouds over the mountains.  There was a bit of faint thunder rumbling up there this afternoon, and I even had a very brief light shower at my house around 4:20pm, but then the clouds broke up and the sun returned again shortly thereafter.  My high temp (see stats above) was the warmest I've recorded in the past week.

It really was a relief to see that the upper-level system which has been plaguing us for the past five or six days finally weakened and moved off to the northeast today.  There are still some pools of much cooler air aloft lingering over north India though, and that's what led to the cloud build-up and feeble attempt at thundershower development this afternoon.  We could repeat that process again tomorrow, but overall, it looks like the sunshine will be plentiful as we move through at least the first part of the new week.  Thunder potential will exist mainly over the mountains during the mid-afternoon through early evening hours.

It still looks like we're on the brink of a major warm-up and return to seasonable temperatures.  Today was a major step in that direction, and the 88-90ºF (31-32ºC) range continues to look probable by Tuesday, if not before.  There is some advancing moisture by the latter half of the week that will have to be watched -- which will most likely increase our humidity readings and make it feel rather uncomfortable.

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