Wednesday, June 3, 2015

showery and cool... (am.03.jun.15)>

There are a few patches of blue out there just before sunrise, but we can still classify it as mostly cloudy.  For the second night in a row we had to deal with thundershowers -- only this time there was actually some significant rainfall to go along with the thunder and blustery winds.  My rain gauge is showing 0.25" (6mm) -- most of that occurring between roughly 1:30 and 5:30am.  The overnight low temp was an unseasonably chilly 53.6F (12.0C), but we've rebounded to near 60F/16C at the moment.

These first couple of days of June have been very abnormal, mainly due to these cool temperatures.  It's fairly unusual to have such a strong upper-level low pressure circulation over the western Himalayan region during this time of year, but that's what we've got, and it looks like it's going to hang around for at least another day.  The instability and turbulence we're dealing with is due to the unseasonably cold air in the mid- and upper-levels of the atmosphere overriding much warmer air at the surface which is lurking just barely south of us.  There's also a fairly respectable moisture supply available -- fueling clusters of showers/thundershowers across a wide area of northwest India and parts of eastern Pakistan.

The circulation center itself has moved very little in the past 24 hours, and remains just to our west.  Although it is gradually weakening, I see no reason why there won't be more thundershower development around the area today and tonight -- with a few more random/isolated thundershowers into Thursday as well.

All the data points to a major improvement by late Thursday or Friday, with a dramatic warming trend kicking in as we head into and through the weekend... into probably the middle of next week.  That should put us back in the range of normal/average early June weather in a matter of just a few days...

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