Wednesday, June 10, 2015

second warmest of 2015... (pm.10.jun.15)>

Wednesday's stats:

Low temp: 59.4F (15.2C) -- around 7:00pm during rain
High temp: 88.3F (31.3C) -- 4:10pm
Rainfall: 0.48" (1.2cm) -- as of 7:45pm

Today was the second warmest day of the season and the year.  A thunderstorm in progress at the moment.  I can't get a good internet connection to post more right now, so will finish this later tonight.

Continued @ 7:40pm... As I was saying... today's high temperature was the second warmest of 2015 -- close behind the high of 89.4F (31.9C) on the 23rd of May.  Although there was some cloud build-up during the afternoon hours, we saw tons of sunshine, allowing the thermometer to keep rising all the way into the late afternoon hours.  The thundershowers this evening are a direct result of all that thermodynamic energy which has been built up today finally being released.  As we've been talking about recently, an increasingly moist air mass is helping the process along.

This is what the middle of June is all about -- plenty of summertime heat still present and ready to surge in from the south, while the moisture content of our atmosphere continues to increase in advance of the monsoon.  That means we can expect more of this cyclic rhythm of sunshine, heat, clouds, thundershowers to repeat itself over and over again during the coming couple of weeks.

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