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Saturday, June 13, 2015

alternating and fluctuating... (pm.13.jun.15)>

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 61.7F (16.5C)
High temp: 78.8F (26.0C)
Rainfall: 0.02" (less than 1mm)

It's mostly clear this evening, despite just a few scattered mid-level clouds here and there.  We've certainly seen the expected alternations between clouds and sun today, along with a period of very light rain showers which got started earlier than they have the last several days.  It was overcast by late morning, and I noticed the first brief shower around 11:45am -- though it didn't last for long.  In fact, other brief showers up until 1:15pm or so barely registered a measurement in the rain gauge, and we were back to partly to mostly sunny skies as the afternoon wore on.  Still, those mid-day clouds and raindrops held our temps down today -- my high was the coolest of the past week.

We continue to see variations on the same theme -- alternations between periods of sun and periods of clouds, along with a fairly short period of showers at some point from mid-day into the afternoon and evening hours.  The northwesterly flow aloft that has dominated our weather pattern for about a week will continue for another couple of days, with some pockets of cooler air in the upper atmosphere being carried in, which will increase our instability factor tomorrow (Sun) and Monday.  We've had at least a few raindrops almost every day this month, but most days the showers are brief, and the amounts very light.  There could be something more substantial between Sunday and Monday night, but I think we'll also see sunshine in the midst of it.

It might be a little bit too courageous to remove the risk of an isolated thundershower from the foreast between Tuesday and Thursday of next week -- but it does look like we've got a chance at some stability for a few days as warmer air surges in aloft.  But at the same time, our humidity will be on the rise, along with temperatures.  I'm still thinking some of the most uncomfortably warm/humid weather of the year is still in our future.

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