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SATURDAY EVENING... Today's high temp was the warmest I've recorded since the 20th of December, exactly one month ago...

Monday, June 8, 2015

summertime variables... (pm.08.jun.15)>

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 58.1F (14.5C) -- at 2:00pm
High temp: 83.1F (28.4C)
Rainfall: 0.19" (5mm)

It's a pleasantly warm evening with just a few leftover clouds from thundershowers in the area this afternoon.  We started off with full sunshine again this morning, with traces of cumulus cloud development over the mountains by 11:00am or so.  But that cloud development was rapid around the noon hour, eventually leading to some thunder, gusty winds, and a period of rain showers that lasted only about 25 minutes -- between about 1:50 and 2:15pm.  Our temps plummeted during that shower (see stats above), but then rapidly warmed up again as sunshine returned.  And then... there was yet another period of cloud build-up and thunder between about 4:30 and 5:00pm which threatened but failed to deliver.  All in all, an interesting day.

Today was the fourth consecutive day of rising temperatures, as a ridge of high pressure tries really hard to build in from the southwest.  But pools of relatively colder air continue to linger along the mountains to our north, and that's giving us consistent instability during the afternoon hours.  This atmosphere contains just enough moisture to be lifted and condensed into thundershowers along the mountains after several hours of strong summer sunshine.  

There are only subtle changes showing up in the data during the coming several days, so it looks like we'll continue to see a good amount of sunshine on a daily basis, but also the potential for thundershower development uphill from us during the afternoons which could slide into town.  All indications point to our warming trend continuing, though I am starting to get skeptical that we'll ever be able to hit the 90ºF (32ºC) mark this season.  Of course there are probably very few complaints about that.

Forecast details can be found on THE 7-DAY OUTLOOK tab above -- and you can also check out AWAITING MONSOON 2015 if you are interested.