Saturday, February 28, 2015

another system organizing... (pm.28.feb.15)>

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 44.4F (6.9C)
High temp: 53.2F (11.8C)
Precipitation: none

Cloudiness is the rule across the area just past sunset this evening, with some snow showers visible up along the Dhauladhars during the past hour or two.  We have managed to squeeze out occasional periods of sunshine today, but the clouds turned out to the dominant feature, keeping our temperatures on this last day of February well below average/normal.

A very large and deep area of low pressure in the upper-atmosphere continues to spin across Afghanistan into the southern half of Pakistan, channeling an impressive amount of cloudiness into central and northern India.  Deep moisture is being tapped from the Arabian Sea, as strong dynamic energy and a blast of colder air begin to converge over the western Himalayan region.  These are all the classic ingredients for an intense late winter storm system to continue developing just to our west and southwest during the coming 12-24 hours.

Although there could be some scattered rain shower development later tonight into Sunday morning, it still looks like the best chances of significant rain will hold off until tomorrow afternoon (and maybe even the evening) -- lasting all the way through Monday, Monday night, and at least early Tuesday.  Along with that rain will come the risk of thunderstorms with small hail, very gusty winds, and perhaps some sleet at times.  Temperatures are going to drop yet again, and remain well below early March norms.

Some improvement is expected by Tuesday night, with a break in the action continuing into about mid-day Thursday.  Thereafter, we've got more wet and stormy weather scheduled as next weekend approaches.  It's going to be a longer wait before a decisive arrival of springtime can be considered!!

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