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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

warmer surge coming... (pm.11.feb.15)>

Wednesday's stats:

Low temp: 45.5F (7.5C)
High temp: 53.2F (11.8C)
Precipitation: none

Our sky is partly cloudy this evening, as it has been virtually all day.  We've had alternating periods of clouds and sun, with what seems like every variability and combination between the two.  The limited sunshine kept our temps just a shade cooler today, as expected.

A weak upper-level disturbance has been the trigger for the periods of cloudiness today, but it is moving off to our east-southeast right now, and will exit the picture shortly.  That's going to make way for a building ridge of high pressure and a steady and notable warming trend as we make our way into the weekend.  The air mass building across west-central India is the warmest of the approaching spring season, and will try very hard to surge northward into Himachal Pradesh between tomorrow and Sunday.  I may have to bump our temps up even higher -- as long as we don't get too many episodes of sun-dimming high clouds in the way.  Anyway, right now it looks like we've got a stretch of very pleasant mid-February weather on the way.

By Monday, things start to take a nose-dive.  It has been fun to watch all of the extended range computer model data, as it paints a picture of a very unsettled and potentially wetter, colder, and stormier scenario as next week unfolds.  At least part of the coming Losar holiday period could be rainy and chilly.

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