Friday, February 20, 2015

trying to dry out... (pm.20.feb.15)>

Friday's stats:

Low temp: 42.1F (5.6C)
High temp: 48.5F (9.2C)
Rainfall: 1.38" (3.5cm) -- since midnight

Some clearing has tried to appear in the western sky since about 4:30pm, but we still have to call it mostly cloudy this evening.  You can see from the stats above that there has been plenty of rain today (since midnight) -- a slight majority of it occurring after roughly 7:30am.  Although we had a few brief periods without raindrops, it has definitely been a wet second day of Losar!

I think there is still a risk of redevelopment of some random showers or thundershowers during the next six hours or so, otherwise we're finally starting to see a stabilizing atmosphere for the first time this week.  There has been measurable rainfall every 24 hour period since Monday -- adding up to just over 3" (7.6cm+) as of this afternoon.  A rather high amplitude ridge of high pressure will start to build across northwest India tomorrow, however, and that's going to provide us with much nicer weather for about three days or so.  I think we're still going to have to face some sun vs. cloud battles, but a dramatically warming air mass should deliver the mildest temps of 2015 on both Sunday and Monday.

A very impressive-looking storm system is being projected by the computer models to move into the western Himalayan region on Tuesday, which will once again increase our risk of rain and mountain snow between late Tuesday and Thursday.  In fact, the extended range pattern -- all the way into the first several days of March -- is looking quite unstable.

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