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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

a breather... (pm.04.feb.15)>

Wednesday's stats:

Low temp: 37.2F (2.9C)
High temp: 49.6F (9.8C)
Precipitation: 0.12"

It's on the hazy side, but otherwise we have clear skies as nightfall sets in.  Today has been a fantastic turn-around, after the very wet and windy and generally nasty weather of the past couple of days.  There was sunshine in abundance, though we did see quite a bit of cloud development in the vicinity of the mountains during the mid- to late afternoon hours.  Precipitation was confined to lingering thundershowers which came to an end well before sunrise.

It's looking like we can count on continued quiet weather for the next couple of days at least, as a weak ridge of high pressure sits over northern India.  Our air mass is going to try to warm up a few degrees, but we'll still have to watch for some patches of cloudiness -- especially as we head into the weekend.  Our average high temp for this time of year is about 52F (11C), and we should be in that general neighborhood during the coming several days.

The next semblance of unsettled/wet weather is scheduled for late Saturday through early Monday, as what looks to be a somewhat disorganized upper-level system drifts in from the west.  We received our normal amount of precipitation for the entire month of February during the last few days... so it wouldn't be such a bad thing if this next system didn't produce much rain/sleet/hail/snow for us.  We'll keep an eye out....