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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

healthy rainfall... (am.03.feb.15)>

Heavy cloudiness blankets the area early this morning, with a temporary break in the rain that has been falling almost non-stop since about 8:00pm last evening.  There is 1.61" (4.1cm) of rain in my gauge as of 7:00am, 1.10" (2.8cm) of that has come in the last 10 hours.  There has also been a bit of thunder and lightning at times.  The overnight low temp was 36.9F (2.7C), but the thermometer is hovering right around 40F (4.4C) at the moment.

Right on cue, the intensity of our rainfall increased dramatically last evening, as the core of our storm system began to push into northern India with its associated moisture supply and upper-level dynamic energy.  The center of circulation remains just to our west, so it looks like we'll see more periods of rain throughout the day, though there will probably be some breaks in between.  This morning's computer model data indicates that rainfall amounts should start to taper off late this afternoon, and we could see the showers diminish altogether by midnight or very early tomorrow (Wed) morning.  The snow line remains well above us, but as usual, it could toggle up and down a bit before the precipitation comes to an end.  It certainly appears that at least a couple of feet of new snow is accumulating up around Triund.

Much calmer conditions, with a mix of sunshine and occasional clouds, will dominate the weather scene during the latter half of the week... as temperatures moderate somewhat. But then, there will be yet another system on its way by late Saturday into Sunday, bringing us our next chance of rain and snow...