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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

into the light... (am.04.feb.15)>

What a nice sight -- mostly clear skies just before the sun peeks over the mountains early this morning.  Lingering thundershowers wore their welcome out, though, with isolated action continuing until nearly 5:00am.  Very rapid clearing has occurred thereafter.  I've got a whopping 4.17" (10.6cm) of water in my rain gauge -- the product of rain and melted sleet/hail which occurred during the 48 hours between very early Monday morning and very early this morning.  Shockingly, nearly half of that occurred in about two hours -- last evening between roughly 5:00 and 7:00pm -- and more specifically, in a period of about 45 minutes when we got slammed with that thunderstorm which produced a quick coating of white slush pretty much all over town.  That slush continues to melt, however, since the overnight low has been above freezing at 37.2F (2.9C).

It took longer than any of the computer models were projecting for the last traces of our storm system to finally depart.  That's mainly because of lingering moisture being forced up against the mountains overnight, even though most of the dynamic energy had already moved off to the east.  At any rate, we'd been hoping for marked improvement by this morning, and that has indeed occurred.

A weak ridge of high pressure aloft will be the dominant weather feature across northern India through Friday, and that should allow us to enjoy a respectable amount of sunshine, along with temperatures which should moderate nicely.  As long as the sun can stick around, we should see high temps rising above 50F (10C), which is close to normal for early February.  If we're lucky, it might go higher.

Another system will begin to affect us by late Saturday, bringing the next chance of rain and snow which could last into early Monday.  As always, you can find other info on tabs above.