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Saturday, February 7, 2015

only minor issues... (am.07.feb.15)>

It's mostly clear just before sunrise this morning, and I'm recording an overnight low temp of 41.0F (5.0C).  There has been no precipitation in the past 24 hours.

The increase in clouds yesterday afternoon was looking a bit ominous for awhile, but most of that cloudiness dissipated after sunset.  We've still got our eyes on a weak upper-level trough of low pressure hovering just to our west that will ripple across northern India over the weekend.  It is much less dynamic than the system that hammered us with more than 4" (10cm) of precipitation earlier in the week, but it could still stir up a few periods of mainly light rain showers -- mostly between tonight and Sunday evening.  Right now the models are keeping precipitation totals mostly below about 0.40" (1.0cm).  That translates into just a few inches of snow in areas up-mountain from us.

At this point, there are no storms of any kind on the weather charts for the balance of next week.  We should see alternating periods of clouds and sun during the Monday through Friday period, along with temperatures that will be on their way up.  It's not going to be "warm", but it will at least be "less cold" than it's been in many weeks, by the time Friday arrives...